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Once in a while, I stop and think to myself: “man, I take care of my car more than I take care of myself”. While it sounds obvious that it should be the other way around, the truth is that we get caught up in the wrong things. Not that having or taking care of your belongings is wrong, but prioritizing those things over your physical and emotional well-being is the wrong thing, in my opinion. 

Thankful I do have the resources to turn to, when I come to myself, and realize that I’ve been neglecting my well-being. Mojan at Yima Healing is one of those resources.

During the pandemic, my emotional state started to go downhill. I was losing my sense of direction in life, and couldn’t find the energy to stay motivated. I decided to invest in myself and got in touch Mojan for a phone session. During the call I immediately started to feel calmer and more grounded. The following days my energy had returned and I felt much more motivated. Yesterday I started a new educational bootcamp (which requires a strong commitment) and I’m now studying toward a new career. 

Thank you Mojan for your selfless services and I look forward to our next session together" Ramin Yesharim

"Yima Healing is really about you and finding abundance in life. It is also about loving yourself and getting to know your true self. The abundance course opened many doors for me, like the job I have right now. Also I wanted to travel through Asia but didn't have the money because I had to pay for my driving license. After the course I got a call that I don't have to pay bc my driving "lesson hours" of two years before where still counting and I used that money to travel. The private sessions with Mojan has also helped me to find my inner balance.

I highly recommend any course given by Mojan and Chris. Two beautiful souls that are sharing their positive energy and love with others"  Melika AZ

“Center your energy, connect to your inner artist and let her create without any judgments such a powerful experience"


“I signed up for this retreat with Chris and Mojan knowing that I would have a beautiful healing with no expectations. I did little research and had almost no knowledge of what was to come. Mojan is a dear friend and she suggested I come. Mojan is such a high vibe beautiful soul. I signed completely trusting. Going all the way to Colombia was way out of my comfort zone. Well..what transpired exceeded my expectations by far!!!
Words cannot describe it. It was so magical in every way!! Mojan and Chris were amazing!!
They held space for us and guided us through every step of the way.
It truly was the most magical experience of my life. So grateful!!! Irene Kalos


“Attending the Heart Activation workshop was a very valuable experience. The practical exercises completed in the workshop highlighted how powerful these techniques are and how we can benefit from them.” 

"Chris and Mojan together with their knowledge and experience held such a beautiful space. We were heard, seen and acknowledged, in that one is able to naturally open fully in heart space, which I felt with all present in the group" Mary Esposito

“I feel like every minute since I walked into this room has been incredibly productive. You did a great job of creating a safe an interactive workshop where everyone felt at ease and creative"


“I had the honour of participating in a 6 day Colombian retreat with Mojan & Chris hosting this wonderful event. Their ability to create & hold sacred space with pure intentions was extremely comforting. Whilst imparting profound Shamanic knowledge & wisdom, their presence & patience assisted me during a deeply healing & transformative time in my life. With a focus on assisting me to release all resistance & blocks, this has further lead to an acceleration in my life purpose. The inner peace that has come from this has also enhanced my well-being more than I could have imagined" Emma Edwick

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