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During our lives on Earth, we all need healing from time to time.  This is especially the case, because we carry within us certain ancestral heritage as well as the imprint of hidden DNA codes that have the power to bind us to patterns of behavior of which we may not be aware.  Even our own subconscious and conscious minds can antagonize us and act as great adversaries, tricking us to feel disempowered.  In the process, we unwittingly reinforce destructive patterns that torment and trap us.

Have you ever asked yourself who am I? what is my calling? how can I find happiness? In other words, have your ever felt like something was missing in your life?  Oftentimes, people turn to external solutions. In truth, there is within us a great source of wisdom and power from which flow the answers to all of these deep, personal questions. This inner truth allows us to find that “missing piece” and recognize and connect with the master within us.

Although it may seem easy for us now to state these things with such certainty, we ourselves walked lives of struggle and challenge. During those times, we learned to look within ourselves with intent, focus and determination.  This confirmed to us that the greatest truths are revealed by looking within.


Shamanic Energy Healing provides you with a powerful, ancient technique from a lineage of shamans, medicine men and women from South America. Harnessing this wisdom, we will walk beside you as you manifest your heart's desire in creating a fulfilling life 

Our goal at Yima Healing is to rekindle the venerable fires within you to burn brightly and shed light in dark so that you too can look inside yourself to find deep, personal healing.  We inspire others to see the beauty of their own soul, to align with their own heart’s desires, and to discover their soul mission in this lifetime. 

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